Hello readers! At the time of writing, the top two money spinners were none other than Microsoft Inc founder and world renowned philanthropist, Bill Gates, and Berkshire Hathaway founder and executive chairman, Warren Buffet, otherwise famously known as the Oracle of Omaha. Now, while the net worth numbers could change at a moment’s notice, but on closer inspection, well, if you have a firm interest in what the world’s leading productive celebrities are earning these days, it is more than likely that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will remain the world’s two richest celebrities for the foreseeable future.

For the time being, we state this fact based on trends in the last few years. For instance, it is quite possible for Amazon co-founder, Jeff Bezos to leapfrog Buffet into second place due to the nature of their separate business entities. However, it is not likely that anyone is likely to go to the top of the stakes, surpassing the legendary Gates. Those who have an acute and productive interest in value investing over the long-term will argue that it is Buffet that is the true legend here. They would not be wrong in this summation, given that the Oracle of Omaha has been at it since the closing years of the Great Depression of the previous century.

Historically, Buffet has weathered harsh economic storms a lot more often than most bespoke investors all operating in a paper-weighted environment and during an era when the internet of things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution was merely by-words for science fiction novels. Apple Inc’s openly gay CEO, Tim Cook, is way, way lower in the billionaire money stakes, but does that really matter. At the time of writing, the company that the (also) legendary Steve Jobs founded, not more than twenty years ago to this day, remains the world’s most valuable company.

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Seasoned Apple product fanatics have a bone to pick with Gates. They were around when Gates allegedly usurped Jobs’ innovative entrepreneurial ideas. But most of the objections to Gates’ work over the years remain subjective at best. The jury is out as to whether Gates robbed Jobs. Only qualified tech analysts can be the better judges of this historical saga which has positively changed the way we are all living today and how we are conducting our business affairs every day. Whether it is Bezos, Buffet, Gates, Cook or Jobs, we can all take a leaf out of their history book of achievements.

The trends ahead of us are to go entrepreneurial, whether our current jobs are under threat or not is beside the point. It is the future. But for many currently lacking the skills, the road ahead can be long and hard; however, it need not be so bad. For starters, no matter what our entrepreneurial ventures, we can all be inspired by what these legendary achievers have produced on our behalf.