Oh, come on now, that really can’t be. This sentiment will be quite harsh and unfair to a great many readers out there. While they may be quite accomplished with their reading and have the required intellect and high levels of education required to make sense of what a blog post’s message or theme is about, they haven’t the foggiest notion of what they would like to write about. You can be the most highly educated person in the world and the consummate business professional but not everyone has the necessary nous to come up with quick ideas to generate compelling content for their blog.

This is a universal aspect of human nature. But it should never be regarded as a debilitating impediment to its ability to utilize the mind in unfamiliar ways. Because such impediments can be quickly overcome. That is the positive attribute of our human nature. They say that only a modest proportion of the human brain is, on average, being used at any one time. So, see this as a positive in the sense that there is plenty of capacity to develop. Speaking of development, there are many ways that you can engage with the internet and all its uses and functions to help you generate new ideas for your blog’s next post.


Many new bloggers place themselves under a considerable amount of pressure in believing that they must be on their blog, publishing at least one or two posts a day. A reasonably good blog with wide recognition in terms of search engine rankings does not need a post a day to be effective. Just one post a week can be equally effective, if not more so. That depends on two things. The one thing already mentioned is a dead certainty. The post’s placing in search engine rankings needs to be prominent. And if the word use and/or phraseology have been inventively captured, it will help boost the post’s rankings.

But a great idea always helps. No matter what the theme or subject, regular readers should always be looking out for an opportunity to be inspired by an original thought. Here is an opportunity to stray away from the herd mentality but without ever losing the notice of the crowd. You have its undivided attention when you make sure that your post highlights a matter of great concern to it. And then you spring it with a surprise or drop the proverbial bombshell with a provoking and original thought of your own.

No-one needs to come up short on seeking out and producing original ideas. And while you are only going to be publishing one post a week, you have six other days to spend time musing on a fresh, new idea for your blog. You also have an opportunity to produce quality content. As the blog cliché goes; content is king. Or if you are a lady, you can be the queen of your own domain.