Insulin-like growth factor is an endocrine hormone that individuals naturally produce within the liver. With IGF-1 DES (1-3) production, the presence of the growth hormone found in the body is extended greatly. Many different cells in the body have a receptor that takes the IGF-1 so it is a very good protagonist that target tissues that mimic cell growth.

Who uses this Product?

Athletes and bodybuilder currently use this product as an injectable steroid. The benefits of the product are all designed to enhance pheromone and muscle size, so there is little wonder people from these two groups use the product.

What are the Benefits?

Several IGF-1 benefits make this a go-to product for athletes and bodybuilders. If you are looking for a product of this type, you obviously want to learn as much as possible concerning the benefits of the product. Read below to learn more about this product’s exciting benefits.

·    Promotes fast fat loss as it regulates fat to use as an energy source

·    Helps promote anti-aging, as it slows down cell regulation and neuron function.

·    Prevents muscle tissue breakdown. This aids in anti-aging benefits and when working out daily.

·    Boosts hyperplasia in the muscle cells, which causes a fuller muscle tissue

·    Increase protein synthesis process

·    Regenerates functioning in the nerve tissue

Why do People use this Product?

Everyone who uses this product does so for his or her own reasoning. The biggest reason is because the product is easy-to use, providing an intriguing number of benefits to the bodybuilder or athlete who wants to be at his peak performance at all times.

This product provides:

–    Long-term muscle growth

–    Gain solid weight

–    Increase the size of muscle cells that you already have in the body

–    Increase muscle size

How to Buy this Product

To purchase this steroid supplement, you should find an online provider since it is not sold in stores. Buying online ensures a discreet purchase with delivery to your home or office. The price of the product varies, with factors such as the quant, dosing amount, and place of purchase affecting the cost.

How to Get the Best Price for IGF-1

IGF-1 DES (1-3)

Comparing options is the best way to get IGF-1 at the best price. The Internet is a great source of free comparisons, so don’t rush to spend your money until you’ve made a few comparisons. When comparing prices, this factor alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor in a purchase. Always look for a quality provider who will give you a quality product before anything else.

Bodybuilders looking for a great steroid to enhance their bodybuilding techniques can look at this product to help them along the way. It is researched and proven effective. Many athletes and bodybuilders have also used it and testify to the product’s capabilities. Look at the product in depth and learn the pros and the cons to decide if it is a steroid that you wish to consider using.

testosterone xl protocol robert shaw

This is a brief overview of what predominantly male readers can expect to receive after they have downloaded this specialized XL formatted program. In saying that, it does not go into the specifics of what the testosterone xl protocol robert shaw shows and does, but does provide interested readers with strong motivation to take the more proactive and responsible route in informing themselves on what the programs’ designs, purposes and final objectives entail. There will, of course, be packaged material on the scientific theory of testosterone and what it does for the human (male) body.

If you are entirely new to the scientific specifics of testosterone then this is where you should begin your own reading and research. Go through the material as far as you can. Not that it will be, but should you struggle to comprehend what is explained, you could always extend your research and development (R & D) wide of this program. And so you should. This form of expansive research and reading allows you to learn as much as possible about your body and how levels of testosterone affect you, both positively and negatively.

Do not leave it at that. The program tells you this much. Learn exactly what levels of testosterone need to be maintained in order to ensure that your male health, both physical and emotional, remains well balanced. But how do you know what levels are right for you. You may have a useful checklist to work through, showing you what materials and ingredients you are required to ingest, but is this going to be enough to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and help you determine whether you are healthy or not. In this sense, there is nothing better and surer than a full diagnosis by your medical examiner that enables you and your doctor to determine, ahead of time, whether testosterone deficiencies are imminent.

Those of you who have aged, naturally or prematurely, will also be able to determine surreptitiously and as a layman, whether you have the symptoms of testosterone deficiencies. While the Robert Shaw program, more or less, spells this out for you, you can already conduct a pencil test of your own. Look at yourself in the mirror and see whether your hair is thinning out. If it is, then it is quite possible that you are testosterone deficient. Squeeze your emotional buttons a bit and check to see whether you are one of those who seem to tire very easily.

The likelihood of being testosterone deficient are strong here too, particularly if you are at an advanced or maturing age. While this symptom manifests itself, you could also find that your muscular strength has declined. Along with that, you may also have picked up quite a bit of weight, carrying excess levels of fat which, in any case, is detrimental to your good, masculine health. Finally, do make sure that you know how to work with XL charts before the time of utilizing the Shaw programs.

Purchasing a bundle for your PS4 is a good way to get your gaming experience on full throttle, but you’ll first need to find the best bundle for your needs. There are many bundle packages offered these days. The best deals are oftentimes found online, plus, you can find more offers than what you would get at the local electronics or video game store. But, how can you choose the best ps4 bundles and get your money’s worth with the purchase?

The most important step to take when you want a great bundle is researching the options. The internet makes this so simple to do, and with your research, you can quickly learn the various bundles available, as well as the prices and where the beset are found. It is easy to research and when you do, it gives you a great assurance in the products that you are purchasing. Not forget the place of purchase is an important consideration when you want a bundle. Some outlets sell the same bundles for a big difference in price, and you do not want to spend more! It is easy to research and something that you can do any time that you wish as long as your computer is near.

best ps4 bundles

You should always ask around before making the purchase. Friends are so often a great source of information, especially your gamer pals. You won’t know answers if you don’t ask the questions, so make sure that you ask their advice when you want a great bundle for your PS4.  Not only can your pals give you great info on these bundles, but you can also get a great conversation going, too!

The Internet can benefit you via social media, too. Many people use Facebook, Twitter, and gaming forums to communicate with others who share in the same excitement of the game, and when you add your name to this list, you can learn much and meet new friends at the same time. These options let you ask questions, research information, read blog posts, and more.  What could be better than having access to this great information?

When sorting through the bundles, consider the price for the bundle, as well as the things that is included in the bundle. There are many bundles out there, but they are not all made the same. Only when you look at this information can you learn what you are going to get. The cost of the bundle package is considerably less than you’d pay if you purchase the items separate, but there are always many other ways that you can save your money.

When you want a PS4 bundle, the considerations above should always be kept in mind. Although the bundles offer incredible deals, you don’t want to spend more than necessary or get the bundle that you simply settled for rather than really wanted. When the information above is used, that the last worry that you will have.

Those who consider themselves to be health and fitness enthusiasts today have come a long way indeed. They have long surpassed the early birthing pains of making the transitions from obese living to wholly physically active lives. They have been through the mill where changing their daily eating plans is concerned. Down the line, as their health and wellness continues to improve, they discover new aspects to life that seem far removed from the obvious necessities of having to regimentally and dutifully attend gym every other day.

Part of the health and wellness path for many entails spending more time away from the rat race. Going to gym every other evening does not help matters in that area. For others it is a matter of choice, but socio-economic and urban to peri-urban circumstances do not always allow for this. For most, where health matters the most, nothing beats going out for a good run. It remains one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts, depending on just how much mind, body and muscle the health and fitness enthusiast is prepared to put into the enterprise.

Withdrawal symptoms set in for those who miss their daily run. And these days, it happens more often than not. Urban and even residential areas, resplendent with nearby shopping malls, are heavily congested at the best of times. There is too much auto traffic on the roads to afford the regular runner a safe passage. Also, designated pathways are busy thoroughfares too. The runner’s stride is easily broken when he has to continuously zigzag slower pedestrians. And then there is the perennial weather. No-one can avoid inclement weather, whether it is pelting with rain or howling with snowstorms, or dangerously hot.

Another avenue towards creating a wholesome health and wellness balance entails spending more time at home. And what better place to indulge in daily exercise routines. More joy comes to the health and fitness enthusiast when he is able to fully equip himself with all the correct equipment which is not going to impede on his daily comforts, nor are they going to necessarily cost him. In any event, he will see these purchases as lifetime investments. Today, it is quite possible for him to shop wisely on the internet for a treadmill or stationary bike that suits his purposes well.


The most savvy biker or runner knows well enough just how to equip himself effectively at home. He is not necessarily going to be utilizing his treadmill on a permanent basis, unless, of course, his socio-economic and area circumstances dictate that he must. Nevertheless, as serious as he is about his running, he is able to adapt. Today’s affordable treadmills come well equipped in providing all or most of the monitoring appendages, mileage, for instance, required to help him keep track of his fitness progress. Recreational distractions, such as watching TV, can be added to eliminate the monotony of treading in just one spot.