When you look at the open and closed headphones that are on the market, you may notice that these are the headphones that are usually the most popular. However, what is the difference between the two types of headphones? And why are closed headphones the most popular ones? We will assess both questions. Firstly, you should know that the difference between open and closed headphones is that with an open headphone, the sound leaks, whereas the closed headphone will not leak sound when it is on your ear. That means the closed headphone is much better when you are hoping to listen privately.

Let us say that you want to use your over or on-ear headphones when you are in the library, on the subway or taking the bus. Can you use open headphones in these circumstances? No, you cannot, because even at the lowest volumes, you are going to leak some sound, and you will not want to do that at all. You will need closed headphones, as those will allow you to listen at good volumes while ensuring that you are not disturbing anyone during the process. And we think this is important to know if you are hoping to buy a pair today.

The main disadvantage you are going to get with a closed pair of headphones is that the sound is not going to sound as full and booming as you would get with open headphones. When you have open headphones, the sound is very clear, crisp and the soundstage is huge. In contrast, closed headphones have a small soundstage. It does not mean they sound bad. In fact, some of the best headphones are closed ones. But it is different, and you may want to sample both types of headphones before you make a final purchasing decision, especially if you plan on using them at home.